14 Inch Bike FAQs (What Is It & Is There One?)

14-inch bikes are not a common category of bikes, unlike other kids’ bike sizes, in a brand’s sizing lineup, and so people who are looking for a 14 inch bike have a lot of questions regarding brands, wheels, pricing, etc.

What Is 14 Inch Bike?

A 14 inch bike is a bike for kids and the 14 inch refers to the size of the wheels in terms of their diameter.

So, if the length from one point of the wheel to the other point, at the exact opposite side, is 14 inches, the bike is categorized as a 14 inch bike.

14 inch bikes ideally are for kids who are a little taller than a 12 inch bike, or conversely, a little shorter for a 16 inch bike.

Some of the famous bike brands in this segment are Woom, Cleary, Guardian, Frog, etc. which make bikes tailored specifically for kids fit and geometry.

What Does 14 Inch Bike Frame Mean?

A 14-inch bike frame refers to the size of the frame of the bike.

It’s typically the length of the top tube from one end to the other, measured from where the tube is attached to the fork in the front to, roughly, the part where it connects the seat tube.

The sizing of the bike in terms of frame size is generally done for adult bikes and not for kids.

For kids’ bikes, the size is denoted by the size of the wheels and not the frame.

So a 14” bike for kids refers to the size of the wheels and not the frame.

However, bikes can have different frame sizes for the same wheel size too.

How Big Is a 14 Inch Bike?

14 inch bikes are suited for kids who are big for a 12 inch bike or who are looking for an alternative to a 12 inch bike.

A 14 inch bike sits between a 12 inch bike and a 16 inch bike in terms of sizing.

Some parents prefer to start their kids on a 14 inch bike instead of a 12 inch bike, and we would recommend the same too, as these bikes provide a better fit for the kid.

Is There a 14 Inch Bike?

Yes, there are 14 inch bikes on the market.

14 inch bikes are new entrants to the kids’ biking space.

Traditionally, there used to be only 12 inch bikes and 16 inch bikes for kids and no 14 inches in between.

However, some kid-specific bike manufacturers felt the need to have a 14 inch bike instead of a 12 inch bike which they felt was a better fit for the kids, and thus the 14 inch bike concept was born.

However, not all bike manufacturers do have 14 inch bikes in their lineup, and only boutique or kid-specific bike brands carry these bikes in their portfolio.

You can find details on 14 inch bikes here.

Where To Buy a 14 Inch Bike?

A 14 inch bike size is not a common category in a bike brand’s repertoire of bike sizes.

So, many bike brands in the market don’t have this wheel size in their lineup.

Because of this, you wouldn’t see these bikes at the local bike stores.

Most of the manufacturers of these bikes are boutique kid-specific brands, and they sell these bikes directly to the consumer through their website.

You can check the details for these bike brands here.

Why Are 14 Inch Bikes Hard To Find?

The reason why 14 inch bikes are hard to find is that these bikes are built only by a few brands compared to the rest of the wheel sizes, such as 12 inch bikes.

In addition to that, they are mostly available for purchase only through the brands’ websites.

This makes it harder to find a 14 inch bike compared to the other sizes.

If you are unable to find a new one, you can also search the used-bikes market where you’d be able to find a good one.

Who Can Ride A 14 Inch Bike?

A 14 inch bike is a good fit for a 3-year-old kid who is taller than an average 3 year old, and so, bigger for a 12 inch bike.

Some parents opt for a 14 inch bike for their kids instead of a 12 inch bike as these bikes are generally made by kid-specific brands with a much better fit compared to a 12 inch bike.

Conversely, if your child is 4 years old but finds a 16 inch bike to be a bit bigger, a 14 inch bike can be a good option too.

How Tall For 14 Inch Bike?

Kids between 36 to 42 inches tall are a good fit for 14 inch bikes.

A 14 inch bike straddles the size gap between a 12 inch bike and a 16 inch bike.

We recommend starting your kid on a 14 inch bike instead of a 12 inch bike as 14 inch bikes have better geometry and fit than 12 inch bike.

Measure the inseam height of the kid and make sure to have the inseam height a couple of inches taller than the standover height.

If the kid finds it comfortable to handle the bike, then opt for a 14 inch bike.

How To Measure a 14 Inch Bike?

A 14 inch bike is measured by the length of its wheels.

If the diameter measures 14 inches, then the bike is segmented as a 14 inch bike.

Look for manufacturers’ information stamped on the bike and you would be able to identify a 14 inch bike instead of taking a tape and then measuring it.

Can a 3 Year Old Ride a 14 Inch Bike?

Yes, a 3 year old can ride a 14 inch bike.

In fact, 14 inch bikes are generally made for 3 year olds.

However, if your kid is small than an average 3-year-old and finds a 14-inch bike to be big, you can opt for a 12-inch bike and see whether the kid is fine with that.

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