20 Inch Bike FAQs (What Is It & Is There One?)

A 20 inch bike category is an interesting turning point in a kid’s biking journey in many ways. This is where the kids’ bikes start to resemble adult bikes in shape, specs, performance, etc.

So, it’s natural that the parents, as well as kids, will have a lot of questions, and we, at InchBike, have tried to answer some of those questions for you.

If you don’t get to see what you were hoping to see, please mention that in the comments section, and we’ll try to find an answer to that.

What Does a 20-Inch Bike Mean?

A 20 inch bike means a bike that is categorized as 20 inches in size.

It’s the measurement of the diameter of the wheels.

Kid’s bikes are measured and categorized in terms of wheel size, unlike, adult bikes which are measured in terms of frame size.

Is A 20 Inch Bike Big?

A 20 inch wheel bike is a bike suited for kids.

The bike’s wheels measure 20 inches in diameter.

However, this is not the size of the frame, though.

The frame is usually measured in terms of the length of the top tube and that’s how adult bikes are categorized.

Who Can Ride A 20-Inch Bike?

20 inch bikes typically are for kids who are 6 years to 7 years old.

These are kids who are now stepping up a notch, from a 16 inch bike or an 18-inch bike.

Age, however, is only a general guideline and should not be taken as the only factor in determining the fit of the bike for a child.

Kids of the same age can vary very much in terms of their size and height and so deciding the fit based on the height would be a better way of selecting a bike for your child.

How Tall For a 20 Inch Bike?

Kids who are between 43 and 55 inches tall are the ideal candidates for a 20-inch bike.

If the kid feels comfortable and confident when standing over the bike, which is also called the standover height of the bike, then it’s the right bike for the kids.

If the kid is shorter than an average 6 to 7-year-old, then consider a 16-inch bike or an 18 inch bike.

Likewise, if the kid is taller than an average 6 to 7-year-old, then a 24 inch bike might be a better option.

Can You Put Training Wheels On A 20-Inch Bike?

Most of the 20-inch bikes come without a training wheel, however, that shouldn’t be a deterrent for your kid to learn to bike.

Training wheels can be attached to a 20-inch bike.

Check out the details for the models here.

We would however advise you to avoid training wheels as the kid would get used to it and then transitioning might be an issue.

A better way for the kid to learn biking is to take out the crank pedal and have the kid balance the bike with the feet until she is confident to lift the feet off the ground at which point you can put the cranks and pedals back in.

What Size Is 20 Inch Frame?

Frame size is how adult bikes are categorized whereas wheel size is how kids’ bikes are segmented.

So, if your question pertains to an adult bike, then it’s the measurement of the length of the top tube.

A 20-inch bike frame refers to the length of the top tube of the bike. It’s roughly the length from the fork to the saddle.

However, if you are referring to a kid’s bike, then 20 inches is a reference to the size of the wheels.

What Size Tube For a 20-Inch Bike?

The size of the tube required is dependent on the size of the tires.

A 20-inch bike has a tire size of 20 inches in diameter.

But you also have to take into account the width of the tires along with the length to gauge tube size.

This can vary from tire to tire depending on the type of the bike, even for the same tire length.

For eg., mountain bikes will have wider tires compared to neighborhood bikes for grip and control.

The tire width typically ranges between 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches wide. So a 20-inch bike with a 2-inch wide tire will require a 2×20-inch tube.

Is A 20 Inch Bike Too Big For A 6-Year-Old?

From an age perspective, a 20-inch bike should fit a 6-year-old perfectly fine.

However, kids of the same age can be different in terms of their height and size.

So, if your 6-year-old is shorter than an average 6-year-old and finds a 20-inch to be big, then consider an 18 inch bike or 16 inch bike.

Can You Put 24 Inch Tires On A 20 Inch Bike?

The 20-inch refers to the diameter of the wheels.

So, a 20-inch wheel requires a 20-inch tire to fit perfectly.

If you try to put a 24 inch tire on a 20-inch wheel, it will not fit properly and can lead to issues down the road, no pun intended.

Can Adults Ride A 20-Inch Bike?

20-inch bikes are typically for kids who are aged between 6 and 7 years old and between 43 to 55 inches tall.

Since people come in all sizes irrespective of their age, and if your height is between 43 to 55 inches (roughly 3.5 feet 4.5 inches tall), then you might be able to fit in on a 20-inch bike.

Otherwise, check out a 24-inch bike that might be a good fit for you.

Can A 20 Inch Bike Fit In A Car?

Technically, 20 inches would be able to fit in a car.

But it depends on the size of the car and where you would want the bike to fit in.

Most cars should be able to fit the bike in the trunk. If the car is big enough, then you might be able to fit the bike in the rear too via the back doors.

How Much Does A 20-Inch Bike Weigh?

The weight of a 20-inch bike depends on many factors including materials used, the specs the bike has, etc.

At 20 inches, bikes generally tend to carry a lot of specs such as gearing, suspension forks, etc.

This would increase the weight of the bike. For most practical purposes, the weight averages around 17 to 24 pounds.

How Much Is A 20-Inch Bike?

The price of a 20-inch bike varies, just as does its weight, depending on various factors.

There are bikes that cost under $200 to ones that even go past $2000.

The more specs the bike has, the higher the price.

And even for the same specs, depending on the year and the model, the price can vary much.

For eg., A Shimano entry-level gearing costs several hundred dollars less than the high-end version. But expect to shell out between $250-300 for a decent 20-inch bike.

How Big Is A 20-Inch Bike In Cm?

The wheels of a 20-inch bike are 20 inches in diameter which is roughly 50.8 centimeters.

Again, this is the size of the wheels and not necessarily the size of the frame.

The size of the frame can vary for the same wheel size depending on the model and the brand.

How Long Will A 20-Inch Bike Last?

Good quality 20 inch bikes last several years if maintained well.

In most cases, the kid would outgrow the bike before the bike is sent to scrap.

Quality bikes can be handed down to younger siblings or can be resold in the used bikes market.

How To Measure A 20 Inch Bike?

A 20-inch bike is the diameter of the wheels, meaning, the wheel measures 20 inches from one end to the exact opposite end.

20 inches is not a reference to the size of the frame as kids’ bikes are measured based on the wheel size and not based on the frame.

How To Assemble a 20 Inch Bike?

Most of the 20 inch bikes come assembled except – in certain cases – the handlebars and cranks pedals may come unattached.

Attaching these is not a complicated process and can easily be done with a wrench, which normally would be provided with the bike.

It’s better to refer to the product manual where information on the model would be available with graphics.

In case, if you do not have the manual with you, you can also visit the brand website where you should be able to get the details.

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