Best 24 Inch Bike For Boys & Girls (Under $400)

Selecting a 24-inch bike for your kid is not an easy task as there are different types of bikes on the market with dozens of models for each type and with tons of extra features that can complicate the whole process. Again, 24 inch bike is ideal for an 8 or 9-year kid, however, age cannot be the only determinant. So that makes the process even more complicated.

So, how do you go about selecting a 24 inch bike for under $400? Read on, as we at InchBike have reviewed dozens of brands and have zeroed in on 6 models that we believe are good value for money. Below are the best 24-inch kids’ bikes for both girls and boys.

Best 24-inch Bikes For 8 to 9 Year Olds:

BrandPriority Start 24″Vitus 24 Kids BikeTrek Precaliber 24 SuspensionBianchi Duel 24 Boy & GirlMarin Donky JR. 24″Fuji Dynamite 24 Comp
BrakesV brakesTektro V brakesV-brakesV-brakesTektro V BrakesV-brakes
Gearing3-speed Shimano hub & grip shift8 Speed Shimano Acera trigger shift8 speed Shimano Tourney twist shift6 speed Shimano Tourney twist shift6 speed Shimano Tourney twist shift8 speed Shimano Tourney twist shift

Priority Start 24″ – Best Bike For Neighborhood Jaunts

priority start 24 inch wheel bike for kids

Priority is a boutique brand that became popular because of its low maintenance bikes.

A tell-tale feature of Priority bike is their belt drive instead of the regular chain drive that everyone’s familiar with.

The low-step aluminum frame with a non-aggressive appearance is ideal for timid or starting riders.

The bike gets a Shimano 3-speed grip shift hub gearing which the company claims is equivalent to 7-speed on a chain bike.

This is not an issue though as 3 speeds are just about enough for most riders which actually keep the gearing simple without complicating it.

It’s a good bike for neighborhood trips and comes in 3 colors.

It’s a good 24 inch girls’ bike for girls that want an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood bike. This bike also fits well for adults who are looking for a 24 inch women’s bike.

Belt drive
Aluminum frame
3 colors
No front suspension

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Vitus 24 Kids Bike – Best Overall Bike

Vitus 24 inch Kids Bike

Vitus is a France-based bike manufacturer and is a staple on our reviews. That’s because we feel Vitus is a good value-for-money brand.

The Vitus 24 Kids Bike doesn’t disappoint either except for the fact that it doesn’t come with a suspension fork.

But that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as the bike is not equipped to handle technical trails and a lack of suspension is not going to hinder the single trail ride experience.

The bike’s frame and forks are made of aluminum which keeps the bike’s weight a tad above 20.72 lbs.

The 24 Kids Bike makes up for the lack of a suspension fork with an 8 speed Shimano Acera trigger shift gearing.

Acera is a higher-end model in Shimano’s lineup compared to the Tourney which is featured in all the other models on this list.

The bike has good geometry too with a low Q factor and comes in 3 colors.

Aluminum frame and forks
8 speed Shimano Acera Gearing
3 colors
No front suspension

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Trek Precaliber 24 8-Speed Suspension

Trek Precaliber_24_inch-bike

Trek is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the US, a name probably a lot of people are familiar with which also includes other prominent names like Electra, Bontrager, etc in their brand portfolio.

The Precaliber is the kid’s lineup from Trek and the 24 8 Speed Suspension, as the name suggests comes with an 8 speed Shimano Tourney twist-shift gearing.

The bike also has a 45 mm travel suspension fork in the front.

The frame, made of aluminum, is capable of handling neighborhood trails.

The bike also sports a lot of Bontrager components which is a popular name in the biking world, along with linear-pull rim brakes.

Aluminum frame
8 Speed Shimano gearing
Front suspension fork
2 colors
Tourney starter gears

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Bianchi Duel 24 Boy & Girl


Bianchi is an Italian-based bike company that dates back more than 100 years. Bianchi is popular in the world of racing bikes.

The Bianchi Duel 24 Boy & Girl is an entry-level 24 inch bike for girls and boys.

It checks in all the boxes for a well-rounded entry-level all-purpose bike.

The bike is made of an aluminum alloy frame and also has aluminum alloy on a lot of parts that should make the bike lighter.

The bike is fitted with a Shimano Tourney 6 speed twist-shift gearing.

Shimano Tourney is an entry-level model, but enough for someone starting out or just testing waters with neighborhood single trails.

The front suspension fork provides adequate cushioning too.

The bike is also fitted with front and back V-brakes and comes in 2 colors, one each for the boys and girls.

Aluminum frame
Front suspension fork
6-speed gearing
2 colors

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Marin Donky Jr. 24″

Marin Donky 24 inch bike for boys and girls

Marin is a California-based bicycle brand that started off by manufacturing mountain bikes and is popular in that segment.

The Marin Donky Jr. 24” is part of the Donky series for kids.

Built of an aluminum frame, the bike is equipped to handle the neighborhood trails as is the case with all the bikes in the under $400 price point.

The bike is fitted with 6 speed Shimano Tourney twist-shift gearing which we feel is adequate for this segment.

Also featured are Tektro linear-pull rim brakes in the front and the rear.

One notable aspect of the bike is its aggressive stance due in part to the angle of the top tube. Timid riders may feel a bit intimidated by this.

Because of its appearance, this bike bodes well as a 24 inch boys bike for the adventurous types.

The bike comes in 4 colors.

Aluminum frame
6 speed Shimano gearing
4 colors
No front suspension
Tourney starter gears

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Fuji Dynamite 24 Comp – Best Value For Money

FUJI_DYNAMITE_24__inch bike

Fuji is a Japanese bike brand and like Bianchi has been around for more than a century.

The Dynamite 24 Comp is an entry-level bike that can introduce your kid to flowy single tracks as it comes spec’d with some decent features.

The bike sports an aluminum frame and also has a lot of components made of aluminum that should keep the weight down.

To start off, the bike gets an 8-speed Shimano Tourney Revo twist-shift gearing.

This is Shimano’s entry-level model but adequate enough for a beginner.

The Zoom suspension fork comes with a decent 50 mm travel; travel is the maximum distance the suspension can compress when the bike hits a bump or any hard surface, for eg.

The bike is also fitted with linear-pull rim brakes and comes in two colors, including a pink bike for the kids who love that color.

All in all, a value-for-money bike for the price.

Aluminum frame
8 Speed Shimano gearing
Front suspension fork
2 colors
Tourney starter gears

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Buyers guide for 24-inch bikes under $400


24-inch bikes are best suited for kids aged 8 years to 9 years.

But keep in mind that kids of the same age can differ very much in terms of their height and size and so the age range should only be taken as a general guideline.

If your kid is under 8 years, then a 20-inch bike or an 18 inch bike would be the right fit.

Likewise, if your kid is above 8 years of age, then see whether a 26 inch bike would be a better option. This would also help factor in your kid’s growth.


A 24-inch bike is ideal for kids between 51 and 59 inches tall.

A good way to gauge the height is to measure the inseam height of the kid.

Have the kid stand against a wall with a book in between the legs and measure the height from the crotch to the ground which is the inseam height.

The inseam height should be a couple of inches higher than the top tube height, also known as the standover height.

If your kid has already learned biking, set the saddle height to be a couple of inches higher so that the child can tiptoe which would help with efficient pedaling.

If your kid is a newbie to biking, conversely, set the saddle height to be a couple of inches shorter so that the kid can place the feet flat on the ground.

Also, look for a bike where the saddle height can be increased quite a bit as this would come in handy in keeping up with the kid’s growth.

How much does a 24-inch bike weigh?

The weight of a 24-inch bike differs based on a lot of factors.

The first is the material used.

Bikes with steel frames would weigh higher than aluminum or carbon frames.

Aluminum is lighter than steel, and unlike steel doesn’t rust easily, but is costlier.

Carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum or steel, but is very expensive and is almost always found in the top-end variants that can cost around $1000 or more.
However, at the $400 price range, you’d mostly get to see aluminum as the most commonly used material.

Other aspects that can add weight to the bike are the additional features the bike has, for eg., gearing, suspension forks, etc.

Gearing is a common feature on a mountain bike and some neighborhood bikes might have gears.

Likewise, many of the mountain bikes do have front suspension forks, at least, if not rear shocks.

All these can add to the weight of the bike.

The weight of the bike plays a major role in how a kid experiences biking which the adults tend to overlook.

Kids’ bodies are not developed fully for them to handle weights that are heavier in proportion to their body weight, unlike adults.

What geometry is ideal on a 24-inch bicycle?

24 inch bikes’ geometry varies depending on the type of bike.

Neighborhood bikes will have a more easygoing non-intimidating stance compared to a mountain bike or BMX bike that will have an aggressive look.

The head tube (the tube where the fork passes through and meets the stem) on a paved-road bike would be steep.

Whereas, on a mountain bike it would be slack to provide for better control while riding on trails and bike parks.

Apart from the appearance, the other factors to look for are:

The distance between the saddle and handlebars.

Too short a distance and the seating position would be cramped for the kid which results in the knee being overtly bent during the top of the stroke.

This would result in exertive pedaling.

Wheelbase length. The distance between the wheel hubs.

BMX bikes tend to have a short wheelbase length as these bikes need to be nimble. The handling should be deft for the kind of stunts these bikes would have to perform.

Whereas, in the case of a mountain bike, the stability of the bike is more important than nimbleness.

Think of Harley Davidson and Suzuki.

The Harley Davidson with its long wheelbase is meant to provide a stable and comfortable ride whereas a Suzuki with a shorter wheelbase is built for speed and cornering.

Additional features on a 24 Inch bike:

Brakes: In the 24-inch category, the bikes tend to get disc brakes at the top-end models.

Disc brakes do have benefits over rim brakes, especially for mountain biking.

But at the under $400 price range, bikes mostly come with rim brakes which is fine, considering that the bikes in this range are not built for technical trail riding.

They are more suited for flowy, single-track riding.

Gears: In the kid’s bikes space, gears first start to appear as a staple typically on 24-inch bikes.

It’s a good time to introduce your child to gearing if she hasn’t been exposed to geared bikes.

Forks: Suspension forks also first start to appear on 24-inch bikes depending on the type of bike.

Mountain bikes typically will have at least front suspension forks, but that will add extra weight to the bike and it’s only necessary when riding technical trails.

What is the price range for a 24-inch bike under $400?

The price of a 24-inch kids’ bike can vary from $200 to as high as $2000.

We do not recommend anything below $200, from the big box retail brands, as they tend to be of poor quality that can result in a bad experience for the kid.

24 inch is a category where distinct segmentation of the bike starts to happen in terms of usage such as neighborhood bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, etc.

Mountain bikes tend to have a lot of extra features that make them pricier than the rest of the segment.

But if you are unable to afford a high-priced one, go for one that you think is good for your kid with the budget that you can afford.

Having a bike is always better than no bike at all.

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