What Size Bike For A 14 Year Old? (Detailed Guide)

Sizing a bike for a 14-year-old or for a kid of any age can be puzzling. The wide range of bike sizes, models, and types can make this process even more confusing.

But getting it right is also an important factor as this can have a major impact on how the kid finds the whole biking journey to be – whether as a chore or as a fun activity that they look forward to.

Whether it be cruising around the neighborhood, tackling the berms on the trails, or just doing some cross-country riding – having the kids experience the outdoors and not get glued to electronic devices and lead a sedentary life in itself can be rewarding.

It’s also an excellent way to get teens to stay active and fit.

woom 6 26 inch bike for girls and boys

What Size Bike For A 14-Year-Old Boy Or Girl?

A 14-year-old girl or boy can fit a 26-inch kid’s bike or a 26-inch adult bike depending on the height.

An average 14-year-old stands between 62.5” and 64.5” in height.

If your kid falls between this height range then you can consider a 26-inch kid’s bike.

The difference between a 26-inch kid’s bike and an adult bike is in the frame size.

The adult bike would have a bigger frame compared to that of a kid’s.

If your kid is taller than an average 14-year-old, then you can consider an adult’s 26-inch bike.

Note that it’s a recommended bike size for 15-year-olds and 16-year-olds too.

The best way to approach this is to measure the inseam height of the kid and match that with the top tube height of the bike (the top tube is the tube that connects the seat post to the front of the bike).

The inseam height should be a couple of inches taller than the top tube height when the kid is standing over the bike.

This is also known as the standover height.

The standover height of a 26-inch bicycle would be between 25 and 27 inches.

The kid’s inseam should be at least 4-5 inches taller than this height.

This ensures that the kid is comfortable and confident with the bike.

What Size BMX Bike For 14-Year-Old?

A 20-inch wheel BMX bike with a top tube length of 20.5” would be a good fit for a kid who is 14 years old.

The 20-inch BMX bikes are also a very popular category and hence you’ll see a lot of sizes in this segment.

When sizing a BMX bike, you have to consider the top tube length along with the wheel size.

This is because different types of bikes have different purposes and BMX bikes are built more for bike stunts and the frame size does play a big role in it.

A good way to size a bike is to test a couple of sizes and see which one your teen is comfortable with and then go with that.

Vitus 26 inch mountain bike for girls and boys

What Size Mountain Bike For 14 Year Old Boy or Girl?

A 26-inch kids’ mountain bike would be a good fit for a 14-year-old who is between 58 and 65 inches tall.

If your kid is taller than an average 14-year-old, then you can consider an adult 26-inch mountain bike with an XS frame size.

But with the increase in size, the bike will also weigh more.

Also, keep in mind that the adult models will have wider handlebars and brake levers with larger throws that can seem strenuous for a teen.

A 14-year-old’s body is still not developed fully, unlike adults, to handle bigger bikes.

So check the comfort level of your teen with the bike and then go for it.

Comfort and confidence trump any other factor when it comes to sizing bikes.

What Size Bike Frame For 14 Year Old?

Kid’s bikes are sized based on the size of the wheels whereas adult bikes are sized based on the size of the frame along with the wheel size.

For a 14-year-old who is between 5’2” and 5’4” in height, a 26-inch wheel kid’s bike would be a good fit.

If your kid is taller than this height, then a 26-inch bike for adults with an XS frame can be a better fit.

An XS frame measures 13”-14” in length.

If your kid is shorter than this height, you can also test her out on a 24-inch wheel bike that might be a good fit.

What Size Bike Wheel For 14-Year-Old?

For 14-year-olds who are between 158 and 164 cm tall, a 26-inch wheel kids’ bike would be a good size fit.

If your kid is taller than this height, then consider a 26-inch wheel adult XS bike that might be a better fit.

For shorter 14-year-olds, you can also test out on a 24-inch wheel bike.

Points To Consider When Sizing Bikes for 14-Year-Olds:

The right size bike is only one factor that goes into creating a good biking experience for the kid.

Other factors such as the weight and geometry of the bike, etc., also play a role in it.

Weight: Weight plays a big role in the comfort factor for the kid.

This is because the tween or teen’s bodies are not developed enough to lug around weights that are heavy in proportion to their body weight.

Also, when it comes to mountain bikes, adult-size bikes can be heavier with wider handlebars, etc., so keep an eye out for that.

The cheaper bikes tend to be heavy while the lighter ones made of aluminum or carbon fiber can be expensive.

Mountain bikes may also sport suspensions both in the front and the rear that can add weight to the bike, whereas a BMX bike would be a barebones frame.

Geometry: Depending on the type of bike – mountain, BMX, gravel, cruiser, road, etc., the geometry of the bike varies.

Mountain bikes will have a slant head tube angle that gives the bike a more aggressive appearance whereas a neighborhood cruiser would appeal to kids who are not daring or adventurous.

A road bike on the other hand will have a steep head tube angle to provide for good aerodynamics.

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