What Size Bike For A 8 Year Old Boy Or Girl (Detailed Guide)

When you are planning to purchase a bike for your 8-year-old, figuring out the right bike size can be a bit of a cumbersome task. With so many different sizes out there catering to all age groups, this one can get a little tricky.

However, getting the right bicycle for your kid is an important aspect that can make or break the child’s interest in biking.

If you get the right bike size and fit for your child, the experience of riding a bike can be a very fun and enjoyable one for the kid.


What Size Bike Does An 8-Year-Old Boy Or Girl Need?

An 8-year-old girl or boy between 51 and 59 inches tall can ride a 24-inch bike.

However, age cannot be the only determinant in terms of sizing bikes for kids.

In fact, the height of the child is a more predictable way of assessing the fit of the bike.

This is because kids of the same height can differ in height and size quite widely.

So going for a bike size based on age alone can point you in the wrong direction.

If your child is shorter than an average 8-year-old or has a height range of 51 and 59 inches, you can consider a 20-inch bike.

A 20-inch is also a recommended bike size for a 7-year-old.

A better way to gauge fit using height as the metric is to measure the inseam height of the child and then compare it to the top tube height. (Top tube is the tube connecting the seat post to the fork in the front).

The inseam height should be at least 5 inches taller than the top tube height while the kid is standing over the bike (also known as the standover height).

This would ensure that the child is confident and comfortable while pedaling.

Factors To Look For When Sizing Bikes For 8-Year-Olds:

Weight: The weight of the bike is a very important factor when it comes to sizing bikes for kids.

The weight of the bike can play spoilsport for kids when it comes to biking.

This is because kids’ bodies are not fully developed, unlike adults, to move around an object that is much heavier in proportion to their body weight.

Unfortunately, this is also an aspect that can be overlooked by many parents who are buying bikes for their kids.

Bikes that are heavy can be cheaper and so many would prefer to go with them.

Fit: The FIT of the bike is a term that has many sub-aspects to it like the top tube length and the Q factor.

Top Tube Length: There should be optimum space between the saddle and the handlebars for the ride to be comfortable and confidence-inducing.

The kid should not be leaning too much onto the front nor should be set way back on the saddle.

Also, there should be an adequate gap between the knees and the handlebars, especially during the top of the stroke – else the kid would have to exert too much while pedaling.

Geometry: The geometry of the bike becomes a more prominent factor as we go high up the bicycle food chain.

A 24-inch bike for an 8-year-old almost starts to resemble an adult bike in terms of appearance, functionality, etc.

And so, as with the adult bikes, you would get to see varying geometry for the bikes depending on the type of bike your kid needs such as neighborhood bike, mountain bike, BMX bike, road bike, etc.

priority start 24 inch wheel bike for kids

Can An 8-Year-Old Ride A 20-Inch Bike?

An 8-year-old can ride a 20-inch bike.

However, if your kid is between 51 and 59 inches tall, a 24-inch bike would be a better option, also factoring in their growth which is a recommended bike size for a 9-year-old and above.

But age is not the prime criterion in selecting the bike size. Height is.

So if your kid is shorter than an average 8-year-old and feels comfortable with a 20-inch bike, you can definitely go with that option.

What Size Bike Frame For 8 Year Old?

Kids’ bikes are sized based on the diameter of the wheels and not on frame size, unlike adult bikes that are sized based on the frame.

An 8-year-old can ride a 24-inch wheel bike depending on the height.

If your kid is shorter than an average 8-year-old, you can try a 20-inch bike.

Again, the 24 and 20-inch here refers to the wheel size and not the frame size.

Is A 24-inch Bike Too Big For An 8-Year-Old?

No. An average 8-year-old can ride a 24-inch bike comfortably.

However, if your kid is shorter than an average 8-year-old, you can try your kid on a 20-inch bike that could be a better fit.

The ideal height range is between 51 and 59 inches.

What Is The Best Bike For An 8-Year-Old?

A 24-inch bike is the best size for an 8-year-old kid depending on the height, also factoring in their growth spurts.

You can also read our review of the 24 inch bikes to zero in on one.

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