How Big Is A 24 Inch Bike?

A 24-inch bike can refer to a wheel bike or a frame bike.

Both are different in that wheel size is used to measure kids’ bikes whereas frame size is used to measure adults’ bikes along with wheel size.

So knowing this difference is important to figure out how big a 24-inch bike is.

When you are talking about a 24-inch wheel bike it refers to a bike that is generally suited for kids between 8 to 9 years of age.

And a 24-inch frame bike is for adults who are really tall.

But just knowing the size of the wheels is not enough for someone to figure out how big a bicycle is.

Below we get into details on some of the other aspects that you need to consider with regard to this.

How Big Is A 24 Inch Wheel Bike:

A 24-inch wheel bike refers to the diameter of the wheels.

So, a 24-inch bike in this case measures 24 inches across at the wheels.

Generally, it’s a recommended bike size for 8-year-olds and 9-year-olds.

But you cannot get a clear picture of how big the bike is and whether it suits your needs just by knowing the size of the wheels.

For this purpose, you need to know the reach and stack and the standover height of the bike too.

Reach & Stack: This is roughly the space the rider has between the saddle, the bottom bracket (the area where the cranks are attached), and the handlebars.

There has to be optimal space for the rider when the rider is seated on the bike to feel comfortable and at ease with the bike.

Too much space and the rider will have to sit way back on the saddle and overextend with less control of the bike.

Too little space and the rider will feel cramped and this would have an impact on the effort required to pedal and move the bike efficiently.

Standover Height: This is the vertical height of the bike from the floor to a point on the top tube (the tube that connects the front of the bike to the seat post).

This measurement tells how much room the rider has when standing over the bike when the bike is stationary.

This height has to be optimum for the rider to feel confident with the bike, and especially if the rider is a newbie to biking.

A 24-inch bike can have a standover height between 23-24 inches.

This can vary between bike types such as mountain bikes, BMX, road bikes, etc., as well as between different brands and models.

Visiting the brand’s website will provide you with the exact measurement for a particular type of bike.

The difference is because of the geometry of the bike for which the bike is built.

How Big Is A 24 Inch Bike Frame For Adults:

Frame size is how adult bikes are sized, and unlike wheel size, frame sizes are a bit tricky in that different types of bikes (road, hybrid, mountain, BMX, etc.) are sized differently for the same frame size.

A 24-inch bike frame is sized as below:

  • Road: Size X-Large
  • Mountain – XX-Large
  • Hybrid – XX-Large

A mountain bike will have a slant head tube angle compared to that of a road bike that has a steep head tube angle.

A hybrid bike, on the other hand, will fall between a road and a mountain bike.

Mountain bikes require a good deal of control while tackling the obstacles on a trail whereas a racing road bike requires aerodynamics for speed.

The below frame size guide will provide you with a good grasp of how frame sizes are classified.

It would also be wise to visit the brand’s website and go through the specs as different brands will have slightly different numbers.

Frame Size (Mountain & Hybrid Bikes)

Frame Size

Frame Size (inches)

Frame Size Centimeters

X-Small (XS)

13″ – 14″

33 – 36

Small (S)

15″ – 16″

38 – 41

Medium (M)

17″ – 18″

43 – 46

Large (L)

19″ – 20″

48 – 51

X-Large (XL)

21″ – 22″

53 – 56

XX-Large (XXL)

23″ – 24″

58 – 61

Frame Size (Road Bike)

Frame Size

Frame Size (inches)


XX-Small (XXS)


47 – 48cm

X-Small (XS)


49 – 50cm

Small (S)


51 – 53cm

Medium (M)


54 – 55cm

Large (L)


56 – 58cm

X-Large (XL)


58 – 60cm

XX-Large (XXL)


61 – 63cm

How Tall Is A 24 Inch Bike:

A 24-inch wheel bike for kids will have a standover height of around 23-24 inches.

So the inseam height of the child needs to be at least a couple of inches taller than this height.

A 24-inch frame bike on the other hand is for super-tall adults, who stand 6’4” and above.

A 24” frame bike is also the largest frame size that most of the bike brands have in their portfolio.

How Big Is A 24 Inch Mountain Bike:

A 24-inch wheel mountain bike is a size that straddles a 20-inch bike on the lower end and a 26-inch bike at the higher end.

Kids between 8 and 9 years of age are the ideal group for this size.

A 24-inch frame mountain bike is for adults and is sized as size XXL.

This size fits adults who are tall and measure 6’4” and above.

What Size Is A 24 Inch Bike Frame:

A 24-inch bike frame is a size XXL for mountain bikes, XL for road bikes, and XXL for hybrid bikes.

The difference in sizes is because different types of bikes have varying geometry that caters to various purposes for which the bike is built.

The frame size can be impacted by the angle of the slant of the head tube.

A mountain bike’s geometry is more geared towards good control of the bike, so will have a slacker head tube angle and smaller top tube length compared to that of a road bike.

A racing road bike on the other hand will have a steeper head tube angle for aerodynamics, and a hybrid bike will have a head tube angle in between the two to provide ride comfort.

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